Bernie Early performed on the radio when he was fifteen, Playing bass and guitar in a blue grass band. At seventeen, he was singing country music in clubs and lounges. (More info.) Early is in the Rockabilly hall of fame and making a move into a new genre that has proven to be just the ticket for him. He has found a small niche in the music market that is clamoring to hear what he has to sing about. Truckers all over the country have been waiting for Bernie to lay these tracks on them to make their trips down the road just a little more interesting. Early's voice is in a comfortable range that makes the "Rig Rockers" want to jump in and sing along on the 4:00 AM wired on coffee and cigarettes drive.

Trucker's radio stations across the country are gravitating to this new CD, the favorite track being 1 The Truck Stop. As one DJ said, "It's perfect and the truckers will know the feeling". The reason that it is doing so well, might be that there really hasn't been a new truck driving song since the late 90s.

With the release of this CD Bernie Early joins the roster of DAVE DUDLEY, RED SIMPSON, RED SOVINE, DEL REEVES and all the rest. His music production, sounding very Nashville, comes right out of The Gator Hole Recording studios with arrangements and recording by Galen Breen. Early can still hold his own vocally and he gives the truckers what they want. Early's CD should keep those truckers rolling along singin' a song until he releases his next one, just for them. - CASHBOX MAGAZINE, INC.


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